O-Course Rules

Obstacle Course Instructions:  The team that completes all the obstacles and the remaining run in the shortest time wins.  This is a team event, all move as a unit; one obstacle must be completed before attempting the next (some team members may move to the next obstacle, but must wait until the last is complete before attempting).  Each team member must complete the obstacle to receive a GO.  There are 10 obstacles.  Only 2 attempts per team member.  Time limit of 10 minutes per obstacle.  The obstacles and their order are Rope Climb, Low Crawl, Belly Buster, Hurdles, Tarzan, 12 ft. Wall, Tire Steps, Easy Balancer, 8ft Wall, Incline Wall. You can go around obstacles to assist. Time starts when the command “GO” is given by the starter; time stops when the last competitor crosses the finish line at the end of the 5K portion. Bypassing any obstacle and/or failing to complete an obstacle (2 attempts for each competitor) will result in a disqualification.  If disqualified your team may continue the course and the run, but you will be out of the running for placement.


1)     15-Foot Rope Climb: Touch the blue tape. Teams may boost teammates up. Two spotter required.

2)     Low-Crawl:  Must crawl under the ropes. There will be no penalty for touching the ropes.


3)      Belly Buster: If you step on the ground past the first bar on the belly buster you must restart. Must belly over top log; not hurdle. If a team member falls off they must restart. 


4)     Hurdles: Must go over all of the hurdles. You may place your hands on the hurdles to assist.

5)     Tarzan: You must start at the end of the first balance beam; you can be assisted up, but cannot get assistance to balance while on the beam.  A spotter is optional.  You must touch every rung on the monkey bars by hanging beneath the bars by your hands; no climbing on top of the obstacle; no assistance is allowed on the monkey bars;  as many people as you want can be on the obstacle. 

6)     12ft. Wall:  2 spotters on each side at all times; one person on the rope at a time, once the competitor has transitioned over the wall to the back side the next competitor can start up the front.  You do not have to wait until the first person drops to the ground before you start the next.  A spotter on top of the wall to assist teammates over the top is acceptable.  You may drop once your hands come below the ledge on the back of the wall. 


7)     Tire Stepper:  Must step in the center of each tire.


8)    Easy Balancer:  Must mount from the end of the beam; as many people as you want can go across the beams at once; if you fall off any part you must restart on the first beam.


9)     8ft. Wall: No spotters required.


10)     Incline Wall: No spotters required.